Albany Park


Neighborhood Description

Albany Park with "one of highest percentages of foreign-born residents" in the city, is considered to be Chicago's most diverse community area. The area, which contains a "vast panorama of ethnic shops and eateries," ranging from Mexican to Thai, Korean to Middle Eastern, and countless others, wasn't always this diverse. Albany Park "grew from a sparsely settled farming community to a dynamic urban neighborhood in the course of one generation," and by the early 1900s, aided by the presence of transportation lines that linked it to the rest of the city, the neighborhood began to see an uptick in commercial development and an increased number of residents moving into the area. "German and Swedish immigrants initially settled the area," and by 1912, the community became home to a large number of Russian Jews that were "leaving the crowded neighborhoods of Chicago's Near West Side."

Remaining predominantly Jewish through the 1950s, the area saw a shift in demographics when, "like the generation before them, many of these Jewish families moved north, this time to suburban Lincolnwood and Skokie." In the 1970s Albany Parkbecame a "port of entry for immigrants from Asia and Latin America," and by the 1990s "the community area claimed the largest numbers of Korean, Filipino, and Guatemalan immigrants in Chicago."

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History of Albany Park
Resources in Albany Park

Kindred Hospital
(773) 267-2622
2544 W. Montrose
Swedish Covenant Hospital
(773) 878-8200
5145 N. California

Post Office
US Post Office
2339 N California Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 489-2855
US Post Office
2522 W Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 561-3330
Le Ballet Petit School
(773) 463-3385
4630 N. Francisco
Our Lady of Mercy
(773) 588-2620
4416 N. Troy
Waters Elementary
(773) 534-5090
4540 N. Cambell
Gospel Outreach Christian School
(773) 604-4147
2800 W. Cullom
Newton Bateman School
(773) 534-5055
4220 N. Richmond
Grocery Stores
2431 West Montrose Avenue
5001 North Pulaski Road
Andy’s Fruit Ranch
(773) 583-2322
4733 North Kedzie Avenue
Cleopatra Meat & Grocery
(773) 539-0080
4603 North Kedzie Avenue
BEl-Jeeb Grocery & Meats
(773) 539-1779
4805 North Pulaski Road
Chicago Produce
(773) 478-4325
3500 West Lawrence Avenue
Arirang Supermarket
(773) 777-2400
4017 West Lawrence Avenue
Joe’s Food & Liquors
(773) 478-1078
3626 West Lawrence Avenue
Balkan Flavor
(773) 463-4757
3752 West Montrose Avenue
Chgo Kimchi
(773) 583-4442
3648 West Lawrence Avenue
Mega Grocery
(773) 478-4972
3827 West Lawrence Avenue
Cool Places to Eat
Ay Ay Picante
(773) 427-4239
4569 North Elston Avenue
Cuisine: Peruvian
Salam Restaurant
(773) 583-0776
4636 North Kedzie Avenue
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Great Sea Chinese Restaurant
(773) 478-9129
3254 West Lawrence Avenue
Cuisine: Chinese
Chgo Kalbi Japanese BBQ
(773) 604-8183
3752 West Lawrence Avenue
Cuisine: Japanese
Chivo Japanese Restaurant
(773) 267-1555
3800 West Lawrence Avenue
Cuisine: Japanese
Kang Nam Restaurant
(773) 539-2524
4849 North Kedzie Avenue
Cuisine: Korean
Al-Kjymieh Restaurant
(773) 583-0888
4748 North Kedzie Avenue
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Marie’s Pizza
(773) 725-1853
4129 West Lawrence Avenue
Cuisine: Italian
(773) 279-8900
4639 North Kedzie Avenue
Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Ali Baba Café & Restaurant Inc.
4046 West Lawrence Avenue