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Owe the City Money? Pay Up Or Lose Your Tax Refund

By Rusty Payton | Published on February 16,2012 at 8:27AM
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Parking in Chicaho 

Under a measure approved by the Chicago City Counceil, parking scofflaws and any one else who owes the City could be facing a rude awakening when they go to the mailbox in search of their tax refund. A new ordinance passed by City Council will now allow the City of Chicago to intercept your tax refund to pay any City debt that you may owe. Mayor Emanuel called those who owe the City money "deadbeats" who must now pay. Many criticized the move because the City debts are often determined by administrative hearings that some liken to "kangaroo courts." The City projects it will collect an additional $7 million through the measure. So, if you are having trouble parking while visiting Andersonville, Edgewater, Rogers Park or Uptown, make sure you feed that meter.

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