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Lost Photos? Try Out This App

By Rusty Payton | Published on August 8,2012 at 11:00AM
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Twitter and Facebook may be the main ways we share photos now, but it wasn’t too long ago that people sent pictures back and forth primarily over email. Back then, images may never have been downloaded or added to your photo library, so they’ve all but disappeared. Space Inch wants to help you find them again with Lost Photos ($3). This straightforward Mac App Store title downloads all the pictures from your e-mail account—both to you and from you—that it can find. Sharing options are built in, too.

We ran Lost Photos on a few different accounts and found hundreds of pictures. Though many of them were junk, including promotional images from bulk emails that we otherwise ignored, there were definitely some that we were very happy to find again. Although it’s not an instantaneous process, the app is able to scan thousands of emails in just a few minutes’ time. If there’s a chance some of your memories may be missing, three bucks is a small price to pay to find them again

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